Cider Making Services

Comprehensive quality

Winemaking Tasmania’s contract cider making services are uniquely flexible. We cater to everything from client’s who supply their own fruit to those who are only interested in the final product. We have a unique and enviable track record in our ability to process a diverse range of hard and soft fruits for cider.


Cider Making Consultation

Initial and subsequent client consultation sessions with our Cider Maker to determine product specifications through discussion, trials and blending.


Cider Making

An award-winning service offer for all cider styles inclusive of still, sparkling and fortified.


Final Packaging

With two state-of-the-art bottling and labelling lines for the packaging of still, carbonated and Methode Traditionale cider styles, we can bottle and package cider into a diverse range of bottle shapes, sizes and closures and kegs.

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