Winemaking Services

Comprehensive Quality.

Winemaking Tasmania provides premium red, white and Methode Traditionale sparkling winemaking, bottling, labelling and storage facilities for its clients from across Tasmania.

Our range of winemaking services include:


Vintage Advisory

Including property visits, general advice on harvest timing, fruit tasting and testing, wine style planning and contract of harvest bins.


Winemaker Consultations

Winemaker consultations and tasting sessions included in base winemaking fee for each and every client wine.

Additional services such as benchmarking and wine show advisory available on request.


Fruit Acquisition & Supply

An exclusive service for contracted winemaking clients.

Winemaking Tasmania are able to supply premium fruit to top-up clients winemaking requirements in the event of seasonal factors or unexpected demand.



An award winning service offer for all wine styles inclusive of still, sparkling and fortified.


Bottling & Packaging

With two state-of-the-art bottling and labelling lines for the packaging of still, carbonated and Methode Traditionale wine.

We can bottle and package wine into a diverse range of bottle shapes, sizes and closures.

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