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Winemaking Tasmania provides premium contract winemaking services to Tasmania’s most outstanding boutique vineyards. It also provides contract cider making services to a growing number of high-end producers.

The company’s remarkable success since it was established in 2001 can be attributed to its business model and service approach, at the core of which is the firm’s “independence”. Winemaking Tasmania does not produce wine under its own, competitive label which means it is solely dedicated to producing the best possible wine for its clients.

The success of this unique approach is underlined by the plethora of industry awards won by clients and by their continued loyalty and support.

The company’s independence means they are genuinely focused on producing the best possible wine for us.
Fred Peacock, Bream Creek Vineyard

Contract Winemaking

Winemaking Tasmania provides red, white and sparkling winemaking, bottling, labelling and storage facilities for its clients from across the state. Our services include cross flow filtration, alcohol adjustment, volatile acidity adjustment and taint removal.

The majority of clients are Tasmanian grape growers who do not own a winery. Other key clients include winemakers from the mainland, wholesalers, restaurateurs and retailers producing a Tasmanian wine under their own label.

Over the past four vintages, Winemaking Tasmania has serviced between 35 and 46 separate wine clients, each processing between 2 and 200 tonnes of grapes from across the state.

As a very new producer, we appreciate the first-hand guidance and advice we get from the staff
Matt Dunbabin, Bangor Estate

Cider Making

Winemaking Tasmania began commercial production of cider in 2012 having recognised the potential of the growing cider market which is expanding by more than 20% a year across Australia.

As the market becomes more sophisticated, demand is growing for premium Tasmanian ciders made from locally grown apples, pears and cherries and which contain no artificial ingredients or juice concentrates.

Today, Winemaking Tasmania is working with its clients on market development programs that have the potential to support a substantial increase in production. These include trial export shipments to the United States, China and Japan as well as negotiations with a national retailer to stock a Tasmanian cider in supermarkets across Australia.

Winemaking Tasmania is also engaged in product development of ciders featuring unique combinations of Tasmanian fruits, especially different varieties of berries for which Tasmania is famous.

Winemaking Tasmania provide us with enormous support. They are our mentors. Their advice is perfect.
Michael Dubois, Pagan Cider

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